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Poppy & Perle Face and Body Artistry


Poppy & Perle was founded on the fusion of two face and body painters, Naomi and Philippa; experienced artists in the face painting industry. A fresh and dynamic concept, bringing bespoke face and body artistry with a unique flair to your project or event, Poppy & Perle can make your weirdest and wildest imaginations and creations a reality.

Poppy & Perle provide individuals or specially selected teams of artists tailored for any event from intimate parties to large scale international functions.



Specializing in professional adult face painting, body art and glitter makeup, we glitz our way around a range of events from birthday parties and festivals to weddings and office parties and corporate events.

Industry leaders, our artists also work their magic in the film and entertainment world. Imagining, designing and bringing to life looks for performers and models within immersive theatre and fashion realms, combining elements of makeup, adornments and overall styling design to create inventive, cutting edge and expertly delivered looks.



Poppy & Perle is Face and Body Artistry, Reimagined.


Adult Face Painting London
Glitter Face Painting
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Adult Face Painting London Bristol
Adult Face Painting
Adult Face Painting London
Adult Face Painting
Silver Swish
Intricate Eye Design
Glitter Face Painting
Abstract mask face paint
Bespoke face and body art
Adult Face Art for Events
Face Art for Photography
Glitter Artists
Professional Face Painting
Kids Face Painting london and bristo
Festival body painting
Adult Face Art London bristol
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Halloween Adult Skull Face Paint
Creative make up face painting
Adult Face Painting
Body Painting for Performers
Street Body Art london
Ice Themed Performers
Face painting for performers
Tribal Warrior Princess Body Paint
Tribal Eye Mask face art
Coloured Tribal Male Face Art Design
Lioness Make Up
Green Beauty Eye Design Face Art
Brick House Body Paint
Peacock Performers
Pink Lace Design Face Paint
halloween face painting
Flower Girl Face Paint
Festival Beauties Face Paint
Butterfly Face Paint
Leopard Face Paint
Adult Eye Design
Joker Make Up Face Paint
Peacock Face Paint
Festival Face Painting
Adult Tiger Face Paint
Lioness Face Paint with Head Piece
Fairy Loves Face Art Eye Design
henna artists london bristol
Henna Feet
Flower Eye Design Face Paint
Adult Eye Design Face Paint
Creative Face Painting London

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Registered office address: 36 Belton Road, Bristol, BS5 0JS