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Professional Face and Body Art.
Bespoke artistry and festival feels for your next event.


Summer event?


Specializing in professional adult face painting, body art and glitter makeup, we glitz our way around a range of events from birthday parties and festivals to weddings and office parties and corporate events.

Industry leaders, our artists also work their magic in the film and entertainment world. Imagining, designing and bringing to life looks for performers and models within immersive theatre and fashion realms, combining elements of makeup, adornments and overall styling design to create inventive, cutting edge and expertly delivered looks.

Previous clients include

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Our Story 

Festival born.  London and Bristol based.

Poppy & Perle was founded in 2016 by professional UK face and body artists, Naomi and Philly. Combining collective decades of experience in the industry and a strong belief in the transformative and playful elements face and body art can bring, we are committed to a bespoke approach to each and every booking or individual we are painting, bringing warmth, energy and enthusiasm to every job.

From our beginnings in festival fields, as one of the first to bring glitter and adult eye designs to the masses, we now bring the same creative and fresh approach to every face we paint at corporate events, weddings, private parties, product launches and film and productions.

We have been lucky enough to collect some incredible artist friends throughout our journey, all of whom are equally as talented, engaging and experienced. We are proud to be able to build teams of any size to suit your event or project.

Founders and Head Artists


I have been face painting since the age of 15, having been born into a face painting family, learning the ropes from my award winning face painting mother.


Moving to London for my undergraduate degree, I continued to develop my body artistry skills at parties, private members clubs and club nights before meeting Naomi at the World Body Painting Championships in Austria in 2010, where we both competed. 

I have been lucky enough to work on some other incredible projects over the years, from painting a supermodel in Rankin’s photography studio to decorating party revellers in the Sahara desert. 


Alongside face and body art, I also paint personalised products and accessories for brands including Dolce & Gabbana and Montblanc.


My first experience of face painting was in 2004 on the West coast of Mexico as part of a street performance act. 

Since then, I have won a number of awards in face and body painting competitions, taught my signature adult festival eye designs to hundreds of people over the years, and painted and glittered at music festivals across the UK since 2005.

My career highlights include painting FatBoy Slim’s face and seeing my work used as visuals on a giant screen at his gig, face painting at some incredible events in India and the Bahamas, and running the face painting team at Camp Bestival since it started in 2008.


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