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Glastonbury glitter ball festival face painting

We have felt just like this disco ball, all, summer, long.

Thank you, glorious people of summer 2022, for what has felt like one of the most special years we have had out and about doing our painty thing for some time. The Covid-19 pandemic, amongst other factors, meant we had downed brushes and turned our focus to other things for a while. So to be back together, doing what we love (ie. YOU), has felt divine.

Festival henna artists Greenman

Before we delve in to the festival feels, we can't not shout about some of our favourite bookings of the year, including body painting an amazing pair of performers at the British Library, no less, for Scarlett Entertainment.

Animal body painting lizard tropical bird body painted performers

Another special job was body painting another bunch of talented dancers for a beautifully, extravagantly and expertly styled corporate event in the Saatchi Gallery.

Camouflage body paint floral body painting

We've also painted and glittered our way around some amazing corporate parties, including those for Lounge Bars, You Tube, Henry Schein, Macfarlanes, Gousto, and Peri Peri. And even painted at our first Chettle Fete!

Festival glitter face paint eyes corporate festival party

Glitter eye design adult face painting at corporate party

Adult face painting corporate party

Chettle Fete face painting

After a fun one-dayer making up the amazing performers of Twisted Theatre at Love Saves the Day in Bristol, our festivals kicked off with a spectacular return to the fields of Pilton for Glastonbury, painting in the ever magical Kidz Field.

Glastonbury Kidzfield

Special shout out to these Glasto loving twinnies who have been coming to find us to paint their faces since they were wee! It's such a special part of what we do - seeing little ones grow and their choices of design change through the years.

Festival face painting Glastonbury

A return to Secret Garden Party was up next, painting alongside our dear pal, Emma Allen.

There were many gorgeous faces, old and new, in front of our brushes. The weather was divine and it's fair to say, a combination of the Love Train crew, wandering site in their pink cardboard train spreading uber amounts of love, and the die hard badger boys made our weekend.

Adult festival face painting Bristol

Body painting Bristol

Festival paint

Festival face painting secret garden

Next, it was a mega dream team at Camp Bestival! Another glorious weekend of sun and fun and many happy little faces.

Childrens face painting festival Camp Bestival

And finally on this summer's festival roster was our beloved Greenman; a place where we have possibly more return customers than anywhere else on earth. Year after year, you seek us out and queue patiently for your henna. It was one of our busiest Greenman's to date.

If any of you lovelies are reading, thank you, loyal Greemanians!

Henna artist London and Bristol

We could go on gushing. We really could. But here is a snap shot of what was a pretty incredible 2022. And it's not over yet! Halloween is on the horizon, enquire here if you're looking to make a booking.

AND, we have a VERY exciting video project landing soon. Watch this space.

With the most amount of love, gratitude and excitement for what has been and for what lies ahead...

P&P (AKA Philly & Nams)


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