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Tis the season! Halloween went off with a bang and, before we go any further, a huge thanks to everyone who booked us for some spooky painted additions. It all felt rather more mad than usual this year, after a 2 year Covid enforced hiatus and with the 31st landing on a weekend day meaning all events were squished into a shorter stint. Mad BUT brilliant to be back at it.

Big ups to all the face painters and MUAs who work so bloomin' hard at this time of year - it can feel like a marathon! We had so much fun and worked alongside some incredible artists, contributed to some spectacular events and painted some divine people. Special thanks to Annabel's, Thought Machine, Copper Technologies and Chakra Events. Here are a few of our favourite snaps...

Now is the time to book for your Christmas party glitter! We are already tight on availability for a couple of popular office party dates so send us a message now if you are thinking of enquiring about some festive face painting. Our bespoke, bio-glitter festival style eye designs are always a great addition and our shining, colourful set up with extensive colour palettes and sparkling glitter mixes looks gorgeous in any setting. You can send us a message here for prices and availability.

We look forward to seeing you in front of a brush sometime!

Glittery love, P&P xxx

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