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A very Happy New Year to our clients, followers and fellow painters! Reflecting back on 2017 it was a bit of a transformative year for us and we're very thankful for all the support, opportunities and inspiring people around us who've helped us along the way.

The festive season was particularly glittery and fantastic in other ways - collectively we've sparkled the faces of legal and accounting teams and a whole load more office parties out for their annual Christmas celebrations, been busy customizing shoes in Harrods, painting Big Fish Little Fish ravers in the iconic V&A and finally flying around India and even over to the Bahamas to paint performers with an amazing dance company. All in all, a suitably mad and adventurous end to 2017 - we wouldn't want it any other way!

Here are some of our favourite images from the past month.

Have a fabulous 2018! P&P xxx

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