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Ladies and gentlefolk, please let us introduce a shiny new space for us to shout about our nearest and dearest, makers and creators, just for you.

Having been in the events game for over a decade, we have had the pleasure of working with some super talented, forward thinkers along the way. We wanted to dedicate a space to them, mainly so we can BIG THEM UP. But also because we know how much of a minefield event planning can be... who do you choose? How do you know they're going to provide that gobsmacking, mind boggling, quiveringly excellent service? Because no less will do for your special event.

So, here it is. Make event planning easier you say? A whole bundle of talented, ridiculously wonderful, awe-striking people in one place you say? The best of the best party and event additions with our totally trusted Poppy & Perle stamp of approval you say? YES!

From circus performers to spectacular set design, these guys are the BOMB. Really. Really really.

Click here to read more.

And keep checking back because we'll be featuring more and more wonderful talents.

P&P xxx

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