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People often comment how therapeutic it is having their face painted. The truth is, it is actually very therapeutic to paint people also, so it’s a win - win situation!

We always feel very privileged that total strangers, sit in front of us and trust us to adorn their faces. Being at close quarters with people can also lead to deep conversations and sometimes sparks new friendships and business connections.

We want to make each person’s experience enjoyable and comfortable, sometimes this means we don’t talk at all and it can be almost meditative for both of us, so much so that people don’t want to move when you finish painting! Other times, the conversation can become quite personal and has on occasion led to emotional exchanges, tears and hugs.

Face paint can definitely be looked at as a type of therapy, a time to relax, let go and put yourself in someone’s hands for a short while. Then the mirror moment; the joy of having a mini piece of art on your face and the subsequent adventure that ensues! We have had so many people return to us the following day at a festival to say thankyou, as they had so many compliments about their face paint and had an amazing time!

Having a beautiful face paint can make you feel different, more confident, sexy, colourful, dressed up, approachable and smiley. To give this gift to people is so much fun and very rewarding. Another reason why we love our job so much and are so grateful to be able to be able to spread the face painting love wherever we go!

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