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Every January to March, nestled under the palms of Palolem Beach, South Goa, India, pops up a wonderful project called Bliss Circus, which we have had the pleasure of working with for the last 2 years. Run by the pure force of a woman that is April Bliss, and a team of dedicated volunteers, the project is a very organic flow of people and performers from around the globe, coming together to train, perform, connect and create something beautiful in the sun!

As well as running an aerial training camp, drop in classes and training sessions, there is also an amazing show every week, always different and teeming with amazing, world class performers from a range of countries. Some of whom stumbled across the circus whilst travelling through, some seasoned contributors.

This is where we stepped into the mix, painting and glittering the performers to add a little extra sparkle to the proceedings! Painting under the palm trees every week, making new connections, being part of something very special and unique, pure Bliss!!!! ❤❤❤

As well as being involved from a face painting perspective, Bliss Circus has also been an amazing part of our work here with a group of under privileged children, who attended the shows every week and a number of circus skills sessions with various performers. The joy this brings the children is huge and we are very grateful to April and the team for their involvement. See you next year!

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