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As doing festivals is such a big part of our lives, we thought you might like to hear some more about our favourites......

Elderflower Fields is always our first outing of the season and it's such a lovely way to begin the summer of festivals and fun.

It is a small festival in Sussex run by the So Sussex team, which has been going for 8 years now and Naomi has been leading the team here since the start. The first year there were just 2 artists, with one being added each year to cope with the never ending queue for face painting, glitter tattoos and henna for children, teenagers and adults alike!

Elderflower Fields have a very clear ethos of play, exploration, community and connection with nature, providing many outdoor activities for the children to participate in, which is wonderful. There are also no non-food stalls apart from us, so spending is limited to food, cocktails and face painting!

Now with a team of 9 artists and a support crew of queue managers and general helpers, we are a well oiled operation, and we decorate a huge number of people each day; spotting our art work running around when we venture out for an explore and a dance after we finish work. Our stall is always positioned in the woods, which along with the whole festival has a lovely chilled vibe.

A lovely touch at Elderflower Fields is that included in the ticket price, is a communal picnic on the Sunday, people get into groups of 12 and share a yummy spread full of locally sourced produce. It's the only time the queue dies down slightly!

The other thing we are usually blessed with at Elderflower Fields is the weather. The first festival was actually the wedding of two of the organisers, who researched to find the driest weekend on record when choosing the date to set! Bank Holiday weekend at the end of May came up trumps and it's been kind to us pretty much without fail!

We are super happy to hear that the festival is not going to grow in size as we like it just the way it is, but there is going to be another Elderflower Fields in the Midlands the following weekend next year, which is music to our ears....literally!

We can't recommend this festival highly enough for families, maybe see you there!

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