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The greatest show on earth! Believe the's true! Hands down, our very favourite place to paint in the world; where there are no rotas and rules, only love, smiles and vivid imaginations....

Being part of the face painting team in the Kidz Field at Glastonbury is a privilege and a pleasure and every year we are super grateful to be part of something so special! The ethos and the vibe of the Kidz field is authentic Glastonbury to the core; old school - how the whole of the festival used to feel. Run by volunteers and with a strictly good vibe approach by all involved, the joy created within the field is infectious and you can't possibly not feel good when you are in there! Everyone is so happy to be a part of it and the kid's imaginations run wild with ideas of what to have painted on their faces! The beauty is you can take your time with each design; a rare treat for a face painter with a queue, but with so many painters, and no monetary exchange, it's a completely different experience and that's why we enjoy it so much.

As we have been part of the Glasto team for many years, we have regular families who come every year and it's so lovely to see the children grow and become more independent and also move from Spiderman and butterflies to more grown up designs. What a gift for them to experience such a diverse and colourful world, which will no doubt have played a part in shaping them as people.

Having a focus and purpose at such a big festival is great, and volunteering for a few hours a day is a small price to pay for the fun and experiences we have in return! Glastonbury really does have something for everyone; you can find any type of music and all the entertainment you can imagine. Whether you like the big bands on the main stages, wandering around and finding small, random venues with amazing, unknown musicians playing, chilling in the healing and green fields, or watching cabaret and crazy walkabouts in the theatre and circus fields, it's all there, waiting to be explored and experienced.

Yes it has changed, and yes it is huge, but it is wonderful and magical and we love it!

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Glastonbury Festival

Rainbow tiger and leopard face paint

Glastonbury face painters dream team

Fiery fairy face paint

Glastonbury angel
Peacock face paint Rosa Bloom cape
Glastonbury festival sign

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