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Every winter, co founder of Poppy & Perle, Naomi - heads to sunnier climes in South Goa, India. What started as an escape from winter has now transformed into something more meaningful and worthwhile. Naomi has been helping a disadvantaged group of people there for the last few years, with physical and financial help from supporting friends and family. Learning English at the Mango Wisdom School and circus skills at Bliss Circus, weekly beach trips and a special annual trip to a water park have made a noticeable difference to the families lives, allowing both children and adults to grow & develop in many different ways. She has also set up a small project with the women,who make necklaces which are then sold in the UK, which helps with living expenses.

Of course, with face painting kit always in hand, the children have been able to enjoy this fun and engaging experience on numerous occasions! It's incredible how spiderman, butterflies and tigers are still the order of the day, and the mirror moment is universal, the delight on the children's faces needs no translation! Face painting is a lovely way to connect without the need of a common spoken language.

As well as painting the children in the immediate area, Naomi has also travelled to North Goa and face painted at various schools run by the Mango Tree Goa charity, who offer education and support to children who live in slums in the area. This involved painting huge amounts of children in a short time, and the designs were met with screams and cheers of delight by the excited children who had never seen face painting before.

Face painting is a gift to share, a way to connect, and give attention and joy to those who really need it.

A couple of very heart warming face painting videos for you

For more on Naomi's work in Goa, please visit

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Face painting children in Goa

Indian school face painting

Indian children face painting

Face painting in India

Indian children face painting

Dog face paint

Blue cat face paint

Fairy face paint

Tiger face paint

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