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Updated: May 10, 2020

Every now and again a special opportunity comes up at Poppy & Perle HQ when we have the chance to use our paint and brushes in a meaningful way and in this case it was to help create awareness about HIV/AIDS. Working alongside photography royalty, Rankin, our brief was to paint words and phrases chosen by the model as part of a campaign to normalise HIV testing in a wider effort by the umbrella charity Life+ to help create more acceptance and openness around the disease.

After a couple of test shoots...

...we arrived on set and met our living canvases for the day, no other than supermodel Eva Herzigova and author/musician/model Aiden Brady.

Using an array of typography and working with both Eva and Aiden to incorporate meaningful words and phrases to them, we covered their torsos in text ready for Rankin to work his magic and take some punchy, powerful photos and film for the Life Ball campaign. Assisted by the wonderful Emma Allen.

You can watch the films here:

This project also led to another typography related opportunity working with director Jordan Rossi on a music video for Grammy-award-winning musician MNEK on his video 'Girlfriend'.

Watch the full video here

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