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Although the seed for our new venture was sown back in October, sheltered in an English country pub aside a roaring fire, we consider the true birth place of Poppy and Perle to be in the somewhat warmer Goa, India, two months later. Specifically, the beautiful Cozy Nook restaurant on Palolem beach was where everything came together in December last year. It was during our "business meeting" there that our ideas really started to flow and the name came to us both individually at the exact same moment! Magic moments like that happen in magic places and it's hard not to be inspired when you are surrounded by tropical beauty!

As Philly returned to the UK shortly after this, we have continued to work on our ideas via the Internet, Philly in the artistic hub that is Hackney Wick and me from my "office" that is the beach! Both of us very happy in our surroundings which really helps with the creative process.

With photo shoots going on either side of the globe, we have started to build our new portfolio and there is so much more to come.

Finally the big day arrived to launch the new site, and from our respective offices, Poppy & Perle was launched into the world.

Please follow us on our journey, it's going to be an adventure! Xxx

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