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As well as painting on faces and bodies, we also like to paint more permanent creations, and are proud to announce the launch of Poppy and Perle Designs. We paint beautiful, intricate, unique pieces of art either directly onto walls or furniture, or onto canvas.

This journey for both of us started in India where we did our first wall paintings, and felt inspired to pursue this avenue of art as well as the more impermanent genre of face and body art. There is a different sense of satisfaction having completed a piece of art that will remain in situ to be enjoyed time and again, from a piece which will be washed off!

Having had many years experience between us of painting on bodies, the transition to painting on a flat surface was an easy one, and much less wriggly! Having a similar painting style means we can work on pieces together seamlessly, and knowing each other so well enables us to be critical and make suggestions about where the design is going without things getting heated!

Variety is the spice of life, so we are happy to be adding this form of art to our repertoire to keep things fresh and exciting.

You can keep up to date with our projects on our Facebook page:

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