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Poppy & Perle love life on the road, especially when it involves festivals, which is where we spend most of our summers - in fields, decorating shiny, happy people! This was an exciting year for us, as although we had been working at festivals for years, this was the first summer as Poppy & Perle. We started the season working as part of a mega team of face painters offering free face painting in the amazing Kidz Field at Glastonbury; always such a rewarding experience. A few weeks later found us at Secret Garden Party where we unveiled our brand new festival set up, survived a tornado and then enjoyed a scorching weekend decorating the gardeners! Next up was Green Man in Wales which was traditionally wet but super chilled, and a different experience for us in that we were just offering henna. The last outing of the summer for us was Bestival, where we have a booth within the iconic Dressing Up Tent, alongside people glittering, braiding, henna'ing and adorning all kinds of weird and wonderful things on to the beautiful people of Bestival.

With a few other little festivals dotted in between, including a double festival wedding, which was really magical, it was yet another amazing summer. Now, as the post festival blues have lifted, and autumn draws in, we are looking ahead to a different kind of sparkly season...

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