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Halloween has become the craziest and busiest time for face painters and for us it was no exception! We worked for 10 days at Tulleys Farm Halloween Theme Park -"Shocktoberfest" in West Sussex, painting children during the day and adults at night. It was like a face painting marathon with very few breaks and constant queues of people waiting to be painted at vampires, pumpkins, witches, zombies and the like.

Painting for so many days in a row and being out in the cold was a challenge, but we felt very lucky to spend the "silly season" in one place and not have to be running around fitting in lots of different bookings in different locations as so many of our colleagues had to. Also it's a great place to work, we managed to go around the attractions after work one night and the mazes and rides are so well produced, your heart really is in your mouth lost of the time! On a couple of evenings when we were not so busy we took the time to enter into the spirit of things and paint each other, which led to lots of hilarious selfies! Also on another evening, as we were about to leave, we were asked if we would paint Kerry Katona and her husband. They were in good spirits and were up for a laugh, Kerry said she was happy to be disguised a little from the public as had been accosted by a fan as she arrived! I had actually met her before as we were on a juice retreat together a few years ago in Turkey, so we had a catch up about that whilst I was painting her. The couple were featured sporting their Poppy and Perle designs in OK! online the next day! You can see the link here...

So now Halloween is over, we are gearing up for Christmas and also have an an exciting project which will be unveiled soon so, watch this space!



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