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Being creative is our thing, and we love it when we can collaborate with other creative people and get stunning results. Recently we teamed up with a beautiful model, very experienced photographer and super talented headdress maker Lucinda from Feathered Fantasy, and we are very happy with the results! We met Marianna on the festival circuit this summer and she expressed a real interest in being body painted. Having worked with John Farrar in the past with amazing results, we decided to try and set up a shoot before Marianna went off travelling. To get the best out of a shoot, the model needs to be comfortable and happy "wearing" the design, so we asked Marianna if she had any preference regarding this. She said she'd like something tribal, which gave us a direction to head in. Our mood board consisted of armour, female warriors, tribal goddesses, elfin warriors, epaulettes, belts, feathered headdresses and other strong female images. The colour choice was unanimous as we knew it would look amazing on Marianna's skin, and we were really happy with the outcome, along with the gold, it worked really well. Another festival friend, Lucinda from Feathered Fantasy, who makes amazing headdresses and sells them both online and at festivals, happily lent us a couple of pieces for the shoot which really finished off the look. As body painting is a fairly long process, we painted the design at a friend's house in Brighton, before going to the studio we had hired for a couple of hours to do the shoot.

Marianna really brought the design alive and John captured her perfectly. It's always so exciting seeing your finished design being worn so beautifully, and knowing it is being captured forever by an extremely talented photographer is so reassuring as once the paint is washed off, only the photos remain!

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