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Well, that flew by quickly, didn't it. Here at Poppy & Perle we're reluctantly digging out our woollies but also hoping for a last ditch Indian summer to sweep the nation.

2017 was a funny old summer for us.Our usual festival circuit seemed a tad disjointed and harder work than previous years, partly due to our integral Naomi falling ill for a bit (she's all better now) and also to blame was the particularly muddy fields of July and August. Culminating in soggy (but wonderful) Bestival, we had a lot of cleaning to do! Despite the mud, we had loads of fun and painted and glittered many lovely faces. Here are some highlights for you...

Glorious Glastonbury, painting in the brilliant Kidz Field.

Our honourary member at SGP, Sophia, who was such a pleasure to have along.

And painting a mermaid with her in the field of sunflowers.

Painting Rob Da Bank as Ziggy Stardust at Camp Bestival. What a lovely chap.

Donning hilarious Tina Turner wigs for Naomi's famous annual face painting crew fancy dress.

Couldn't resist. WE LOVE LULWORTH.

We even squeezed in a photo shoot next door to our studios in Hackney Wick.

Henna'ed a pie for a Pieminister worker.

Soaked up the rays at Greenman Festival in the gorgeous Welsh valleys.

And saw it GO OFF watching Cyprus Hill at Boomtown.

It's been amazing.

But, as much as we love flowers and glitter, we're really excited to be warming up for a stint of ghoulish, dark and twisted designs for Halloween. And what the winter months have in store. Watch this space!

Thank you for reading!

P&P xxx

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