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So, we're a bit late, but we had to show you some of our favourite faces and tell you our tales from our favourite time of year in the face painting world. Halloween! Back at Tulley's Shocktober Fest in Crawley, we created all kinds of beastly faces for the crowds before they were let loose in the numerous 'scares' which the amazing Tulley's folks set up every year. By night, twisted mirrored clown mazes, haunted tractor rides around the spontaneously fire breathing woods and chainsaw wielding terrors chasing guests through lazer laden colonies and creepy cobwebbed attics.

The Parlour - on tour

It really is an incredible experience (not for the faint hearted we should add) and they seem to get bigger and better every year. We love being part of the Tulley's family and this year, amongst the ghouls and beastly characters wandering the farm, we met the newest addition, Bella, the adorable new pup who made our lunch breaks a whole load of wonderful. Here are some of our favourites...


Until next year, Tulley's! Now, did someone say Christmas......?! P&P xxx

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