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Halloween. Love it or hate it, it’s here to stay. Personally, we love it.

A welcome break from the normal face painting requests, we love this time of year as we can get a bit more in depth with our designs, creating zombies, skulls, witches, devils and the like, using lots of blending and contouring to completely transform people’s faces! And not a unicorn in sight!!!

We are very fortunate to have a permanent pitch at the amazing Tulleys Shocktoberfest the largest park of it’s kind in Europe, where we have a constant queue of children and adults wanting to get their scary faces on. Seriously wrapped up and with hot water bottles to beat the cold, it's a face painting marathon, 9 long days later we are painting skulls in our sleep!

As well as the traditional scary skull faces, sugar skulls are an ever popular design that we love to paint and get creative with...

Whilst in other cultures, clowns are purely friendly, family fun entertainment, they are increasingly becoming more of a scary character here, and a popular Halloween request... scary or pretty....

It has become a P & P tradition to paint each other at Halloween and take obligatory selfies, much to our own great amusement! We manage to keep straight faces for the photos then the hilarity ensues!

There's no rest for the wicked and we have also been painting and glittering the lovely people at the Reality TV Awards for Ronald Britton, to promote Bioglitter, Raw TV's Goldrush Season 9 wrap party, LNOF's Supplier party, the UKAWP Mix and Mingle at the Meridien Picadilly, the Sheraton Grand Showcase, a private party at Goodwood House for Scarlett Entertainment

to name but a few!!

And as the cobwebs come down and the tinsel goes up, so we swiftly change into Christmas mode as the festive bookings fly in. It's going to be our busiest season yet, so watch this space to read all about our Christmas shenanigans.

P & P xxx

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