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Sometimes a job comes along that's just a little bit different and we are most certainly up for a challenge, so when we were approached with this unusual brief, we jumped at the chance.

The event was a special charity gig at the Roundhouse, Camden called Music 4 Mental Health, presented by I Am Whole - an awareness campaign that was developed 3 years ago to raise awareness and reduce stigma around mental health problems particularly in young people. Jordan Stephens, one half of Rizzle Kicks, was the founder and as a result the campaign has a lot of support from the music industry.

The logo of the campaign is a freehand circle drawn on the palm, started by Jordan and now a widely recognised symbol. Ed Sheeran was appearing at the gig and the vision was to paint circles on the palms of as many of the crowd as possible, and take a shot of them raising their hands during his set. This is where we came in! We were to have 2 hours to paint as many palm circles as possible, on people as they were queuing outside the venue.

P & P Dream Team ready for action🖤

We used Colorini temporary tattoo ink, (from the very lovely and accommodating Liz from Glitzer Body Art Supplies) so that the circles would be smudgeproof, and worked in teams of 2, painting and powdering the designs on the eagerly awaiting fans! Some of whom had been outside in the freezing cold since the early morning to ensure their front row spot!

It was such a privilege to be part of this special event and to top it off, we were able to see Ed Sheeran's very impressive and moving set, and be part of the hands in the air moment. A very special gig ❤

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