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As Christmas fast approaches, it's time to reflect on another epic Halloween season....

Our annual face painting marathon at Tulleys Farm was as busy as ever, painting lots of zombies, clowns, sugar skulls, pumpkins, devils, skulls and monsters! As Halloween gets more and more popular to celebrate, even the smallest children want to be as scary as possible, although we have to be careful that they don't scare themselves when they look in the mirror!

We love painting at Halloween as we can be more creative than usual with our techniques - following & exaggerating the natural lines of the face to create ageing and more scary looks, with lots of shading.

Harley Quinn face paint
Halloween face painting

Sugar skull face painting
Sugar skull face paint
Zombie face paint

As well as Tulleys, we also worked at The Box in Soho for Emma Allen, creating specific looks for the staff,to create and overall Halloween vibe in the club

Zombie face and body painting

And no Halloween would be complete without our annual selfie session, causing much hilarity!

Devil face paint

Sugar skull and devil face paint

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