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We love getting together with other creative souls and creating magic, and our latest shoot in sunny Goa produced just that. A striking and bold design brought alive by an amazing model and captured so beautifully by a very talented photographer. Throw in some flower garlands made with love and the recipe for a successful shoot is complete!

Our beautiful model Cristina had recently broke her elbow in an accident, and having witnessed her attitude and strength following this, it was clear that some kind of strong, warrior-esque design was the order of the day.

Our photographer Eimi Thoren is a passionate and enthusiastic force, highly motivated to work on creative shoots and get interesting shots. She was super busy but managed to squeeze us in and spent longer than necessary capturing the finished piece as she is a big fan of our work! Very grateful for the amazing results. As face and body painters, our work is temporary and we rely on photographs to prolong the life of our designs, so to have a professional photographer on board is always a real treat.

The beautiful flower garlands were generously loaned to us by Flaura Bands, which are made by amazing women at the Cork Migrant Centre in Ireland, you can read more about their story here

If you would like to have a unique experience, book a personal paint and photo shoot with us or if you are an artist, performer, maker or photographer and are interested in collaborating, we would love to hear from you.

Our contact information is here

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